Raising your honor: it is all about raiding!

- Aim for boats with lower BR (power of the ship) than your own ship a differnce of 20k should insure more safety or try at least 5% BR difference when your BR becomes higher (800k+).

- Losing a raid you started costs a lot of honor from 4 to 10

- The gap in honor between you and your opponent decides how much honor you can win (if you have +100 honor more than him you win 2 or 1 honor, if he has more than you you get at least 5 honor !!)- Do not hesitate to next a lot in order to find perfect targets.

- Use your gold quickly on gear and cabins, you will be less targeted by other pirates.

- Do NOT raid merchant ships they give 0 honor !!! Improving your raiding rank will grant you daily rewards, and good rewards during raid event (including gems)

Good luck